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Monday, February 18, 2013

Kathleen's Algebra Scribepost

9.3 Pg. 357 Questions: 5, 8, 11, 14

5.) A long-distance telephone plan can be represented as C= 6t, where C is the cost in cents and t is the time in minutes.

a)Make a table of values , using at least four whole number values for t.

b)Graph the ordered pairs.

c) If part minutes are rounded up to the whole next whole minute, is it reasonable to have points between your graph? Explain.

No because they round it up anyways. So if it's 1 min. 30 secs. It would be rounded up to 1 minute.

8.) Evaluate y= 7x + 3 using each value.

a.) x= 1 

7x + 3 =y
7(1) + 3 =y
7 + 3 =y
10 =y 

b.) x= -4

7x + 3 =y
7(-4) + 3 =y
-28 + 3 =y
-25 =y

c.) x= 0

7x + 3 =y
7(0) + 3 =y
0 + 3 =y
3 =y

d.) y= 17

7x + 3 =y         7x + 3 =y   
7x + 3 =17       7x + 3 =17 
7x + 14            7x  (17-3)
2 =x                 7x  14 -------> 14 / 7 = 2 

11.) The graph below represents part of the linear relation y= -2x.

(Check the online textbook for the graph)

a.)Use the equation to calculate the y-coordinate when x=1

y= -2x
y= -2(-1)
y=  2
b.) What is the value of y in (-4, y )?

y= -2x
y= -2(-4)
y= 8

14.) You are given part of the table of values for a linear relation.

(Check online textbook for table of values.)

a.)How could you use a pattern to find the missing y-coordinates?

Well, looking at the table of values, it seems like y is increasing by 2 and x is increasing by 1.
b.)Identify the missing y-coordinates.


  1. Good Job Kathleen! I really like how you have added colour to your post, I can really see that it is neat and very organized! To make your post even better, I suggest you embed a video and add a link! Overall, good job!

  2. Good job Kathleen! I like how you made your own pictures, how you highlighted some of the important keys, and how you included a link to your post. Next time, try to include a link to a game.



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