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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marco's Algeba Scribepost


B) Yes, because you can make a straight line if you follow the dots. It is also linear because there is a pattern.

C) Yes, because in hours, there are minutes, and in dollars, there are cents.

 A) The graph is about how much kids in grade 8 can get for every car wash.

B) The pattern on the graph is over 1 and up 10.

C) The cost of 1 car wash is 10 dollars.


E) The value of 15 cars would be 150 dollars. 10x=y


A) The pattern on the graph is over 3 and up 9.


C) The value of y would be y=4

D) The value of y would be y=10


B) The difference is A = up 1 and B = up 4.

C) 4a+1=b
You need to multiply A by 4 and then add 1.   

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